Diabetes Clinic

Diabetes Management Support in Ravina Hospital

Diabetes can turn out to be a complex disease to manage, with many individual factors contributing to its treatment. In addition to any medication your doctor may prescribe, understanding the role of food and exercise in the management of your diabetes is vital for good blood sugar control and minimisation of disease related side effects and long term complications (which can include heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, eye problems and circulation problems).

Your diabetes management plan is guided by long-term progress

With a proper approach to diet and exercise, you’ll be able to manage your complete health in a way that medication alone cannot support. In doing this, you can maintain a more holistic approach to your health that guides diabetes management, making it simpler to treat your condition. At Ravina Hospital, our dietitians will assist in developing a food and lifestyle plan to achieve optimal diabetes control whilst still including the foods and activities you enjoy. Designed to allow you to enjoy the pleasures in life, your plan will be easier to follow, leading to a more fulfilling quality of life.

We see the whole picture when it comes to diabetes management

Your treatment will consider your overall health and wellbeing, as diabetes can often coexist with other diseases. Working with your general health practitioners, we treat your concerns, making it easier to manage your symptoms.

As your risk of heart disease increases with a diagnosis of (type 2) diabetes, our dietitians will also ensure that you have a heart healthy diet to minimize this risk.