Detoxification(Alcohol/Drugs) Clinic

Short Term Detoxification for men and women from Alcohol / Substance Abuse (Drugs)

What is Alcohol / Substance Abuse [Drugs] Detoxification (Detox) and Why?

Withdrawal management is generally known as Detoxification/ Detox. Detoxification from Alcohol and substance abuse for men and women at Ravina Hospital is a short term treatment done by our exclusive and trained professional team (Medical and Psychological) who aid the dependent to step into abstinence.

When a dependent tries to stop or reduce the usage of Alcohol/ Drugs, they would certainly develop various physical withdrawals as the body is already accustomed to the usage. The most common withdrawal symptoms are sweating, dizzy eyes, dripping nose, bad stomach, tremors, vomiting, exhaustion, sleeplessness, goosebumps, chills, depression, deliriums and hallucinations or suicidal thoughts in some cases. This may vary from case to case depends on the quantity and duration of usage.The first step of de-tox is withdrawal. The nature and severity of the withdrawal symptoms vary, depending on the particular substance that was being used, as well as the frequency of use, and the effects of de-tox on the individual. We operate a short term Detox Plan. At Ravina Hospital, our professionals treat the above withdrawals with Holistic Care. An exclusive Medical Ward is dedicated for this purpose.


Duration at Ravina Hospital for Alcohol/ Drug abuse Detoxification

Treatment again varies from case to case as every patient is unique, but it is generally between 5 to 7 days. Drug and alcohol detox is best done in a controlled environment in the presence of trained medical staff. It will be longer if the usage was more and physical condition is weak. We do support Detox as Inpatient / Outpatient based on our professionals advice after the evaluation and following assessments.

  • Type of the substance abused
  • Type, pattern & period of abuse
  • Present status of Physical and Mental Health
  • Co-occurring Behavioral, Physical & Mental Health disorders
  • Withdrawal management plan


Who prefers Ravina Hospital for Detox?

Ravina Hospital is a preferred choice for those who cannot spare longer period for de-addiction program and those who have severe physical problems. Several men and women have been treated successfully for alcohol and drug abuse. We incorporate various therapies in our drug rehab programme to help with the psychological distress that the individual may experience whilst de-toxing. We have detoxification programs for alcohol and drug abuse for both men and women.


Who can partner with us?

  • Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation centres
  • Corporate companies
  • Colleges for Interns

Ravina Hospital's Detox Program includes:

  • Medical Management
  • Counseling towards better life
  • Family counseling
  • Marital counseling
  • Preventive counseling
  • Rehab consultation


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